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About The Facebook video downloader

The Facebook video downloader is a free online tool that can help you download videos in mp4 format, high quality from FB. You can easily save favorite videos with the help of the Facebook video downloader by video link. When you put a FB video link to the Facebook video downloader and press the download button, it'll extract two resolution videos from Facebook and output in mp4 format: HD and SD. I recommend downloading HD videos because it is more clearer.

Best Facebook video downloader online

Why do you need a Facebook video downloader? This is a question of many people ask. Keep reading, and you will understand.

Nowadays, videos are becoming more and more popular, accounting for 11% of post types according to statistics. This is not surprising, people are keen to share movie clips, funny videos, video songs, and music on social media.

When you surf Facebook, you find a favorite video and want to save a copy? Facebook provides an easy way: You can add this video to the "saved video." You'll easily find it from the "saved video" list when you want to watch it again next time.

But you should understand that "saved video" on Facebook does not mean direct storage to your local device. It only adds to an online list. If you want to keep the copy on the local, the only way is to download it.

Unfortunately, Facebook had disabled the video download option since the year 2016. Therefore, you need a Facebook downloader to get the original video and watch offline at any time.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We work hard to develop this online tool to help people to download FB videos quickly and safely at a good quality like a pro, and save in mp4 format. Not only that, but you also don't need to install any software and apps.

The Facebook video downloader can fast convert videos to HD quality mp4 files by link. It's free to use, works on PC, mobile, and tablets. We continue to update this tool to ensure it is always available on the latest version of Facebook.

How to download videos from Facebook?

It's so easy to download videos from Facebook by this online downloader. Follow these steps( Suitable for computer, Android mobile, iPhone, and tablets):

1 Tap the share icon under the Facebook video, then select the "copy link" button in the popup window. The video link will copy to your clipboard.

2 Open the website in any web browser, then paste the video link into the input box. After that, click the download button.

3 The video downloader will extract videos in MP4 format with two qualities: High Definition and Standard Definition. Choose the one you need and press the download button.

4 The video will play in a new window, then click the ellipsis (three dots icon) vertically aligned"⋮" at the right of the player bottom. In the popup window, select "download."

No matter where you access the video, play the video, the share button is at the right bottom corner or the top right. If there's only like and comment options, but no share button, it means the video is not public. The author has set privacy to friends only. You can't download this type of post by the downloader.

Where will the video file save after download?

You can easily find the file. When the video download complete, there's a notification at the bottom of the web browser. Click it, you will lead to the location of the mp4 file.

Can I download FB live videos?

Yes. But to download any Facebook live streaming, you should wait until the streaming finish, and then put the live video link to the Facebook video downloader. You'll get the download link.

You can directly click the download button. But, highly recommend using IDM(Internet Download Manager) or other download managers because the live video is often huge.

Which resolution of video can I download?

To clarify this problem, we must first understand the range of HD and SD resolution. We only take horizontal video as an example.

As we know, standard definition res is from 240p to 480p. And HD starts at 720p and ends at 1080p. 1080p is also called full HD. All videos uploaded to Facebook have a quality option when you play.

You can find the video quality option on the Facebook video player. At the bottom of the player, click the gear icon at the left of the enlarge icon. There's the quality setting option; click it, you'll see a list of available resolution.

Commonly, if both SD and HD videos exist, the Facebook downloader will extract 1280 x 720p as HD and 400X 224 as SD.

Why there's no HD download option?

As we mentioned before,the SD video resolution starts at 240p and ends at 480p. If there's no higher resolution than 480p in the video quality options, that means the original video has no HD version. Therefore you can't download HD video by the downloader, also other software.

Can I download videos from Facebook lite?

Of course. Facebook Lite is the lightweight version of the Facebook main app. It uses far lesser data and is optimized for slow internet speed and works perfectly on smartphones with low ram or storage space.

Facebook Lite has the main feature of the regular Facebook app, include videos. When we copy a video link from Facebook Lite, find out it's the same as Facebook. So we can download videos use this downloader to download it.

Why the downloaded video so blurry?

Sometimes, you download a video, but finding the video quality is low when you playback. It may be caused by the original video has no HD version. You should go to Facebook to check if the 720P or 1080p exist.

Sometimes you downloaded an HD video, but it is still blurry when playing. It is very possible that you downloaded a fake HD video. The author enlarges the low quality video to 1080p or 720p when uploading the video, but the video clarity has not changed.

How to move a downloaded video to my camera roll iPhone?

It's easy to move downloaded Facebook videos to your iPhone camera roll. Follow these steps below:

1 Launch the Documents app on your IOS device, go to the location of the video you saved.

2 There's an Edit button in the top right corner, tap it and select the mp4 file you want to transfer to the camera roll.

3 There's a copy icon in the left bottom and tap it. This will open a list of folders.

4 Select the camera roll folder, and tap the copy button. The Fb video will move to the camera roll.

Can I download private Facebook videos?

Sorry, the Facebook downloader does not support private videos now! We are working hard to achieve this function. You can bookmark us to receive the latest updates.

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